Data sharing, data partnerships and data monetization are increasingly considered as critical components of any data strategy, capable of generating substantial economic benefits to private and public organizations and to society in general.

In this on-demand webcast from the MIT CDOIQ 2021 Symposium, innovative leaders from agriculture, travel & tourism, genetic & biotech, and commerce sectors share their expertise and provide valuable advice to get started on the road to Data Exchange.

  • Why data exchange is a powerful business enabler?
  • What are the specific data exchange opportunities but also challenges that we need to address?
  • How to grow your data exchange business or how to strategize it?





  • Lynne Schneider, Research Director, Data-as-a-Service, Location and Geospatial Intelligence, IDC

Closing remarks from Nadia Hewett, Project lead for the Data for Common Purpose Initiative, Data Policy and Blockchain at the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

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